6 senses, share your memorable experiences

6 senses, share your memorable experiences

6senses is a new blog…no, it’s not simply a blog, it’s the start of a new community of people who love to share experience of elite. Sound, vision, memories, flavour, feeling, scent, these are the 6 senses we mean, the senses you have met probably during your last trip in Nepal, or your week end in Paris. Francesca and Luca, wife and husband, living between Milan and London, want to share their experiences with you, with everyone of us, and let you come in a Club where you can share the good vibrations you felt in your last trip, by adding a couple of words and a photo to the places Francesca and Luca mentioned. And believe me, they’ve been across lots of countries!

So, if you are curious you can simply visit the blog, but if you want you can be part of this private community of estimators and see what the club has to suggest you for your next trip.
Stay tuned and let me know what do you think about it!

Here’s a little gallery of places and flavours of 6senses.co.uk

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