What’s my #bestplacetobetoday? What a question: Edinburgh!!

This post couldn’t be more simple to me, but it may change title: #bestplacetobeeveryday! And you already know the answer: Edinburgh!

Here you’ll find my 5 points on why Edinburgh is my best place to be…EVER!

1. The sun is up at 5AM: yes!!

The sun: yes, you’ll never quite see it half of the time, if you are lucky, but the sun here will give you the best gifts ever. The sky will change in different ways every day, clouds will draw new experimental swirls and play with the wind for new canvas. And what about rainbows? Scotland, and Edinburgh in particular, is the land of the rainbows, thanks to the rain and the frequently changes of weather in a 24h day. In spring the sun will rise at 5 in the morning, and in summer it will go to bed at 10PM! It’s a different way to live the city, but it’s quite a good way to me!


2. Coffee and tea: you will wake up anytime, anywhere!

Are you lazy in the morning and you need a cup of coffee or black tea? You will find what you’re looking for, from Starbucks to Costa, to the typical location as The Elephant House, where you can also eat cookies and cakes, yummy!! But between you and me, the best espresso coffee ever it’s served at Caffè Espresso (15 Bank Street), and what about the home made brownies? Yummyyyyy! It’s been hard to find a good coffee for an Italian taste, but we made it!


Caffe Espresso

3. “I see your true colours shining through…”

The colours of the rainbow everywhere you want! Winter is sad and dark? The people of Edinburgh find the way to make your day! Every shop, pub and store has its colour, and along the way you can recognise it from far away. It’s a common habit that you can see in nordic cities, but in Italy it’s not so frequent, so that makes it a very special city to me.

Royal Mile


4. Mountains (or better, hills) and sea

Mountain and sea in the same city. Yeah I know, most cities have  this particularity but I like it very much in this particular way. Arthur’s seat is an old volcano and it’s the main peak of the city. Ok, it’s only 251 meters but who cares? 😀
And what about the suggestive hill where the Castle is situated? You can view the whole city in one sight!

Arthur's seat


5. “Blue eyes, baby’s got blue eyes…”

People: their eyes are blue like the flag, the hair red like the Edinburgh lion, the heart warming and kind like no other!
We were so afraid to feel stranger in a foreign city, instead we found courtesy, passion for their country, and so much love for Italy too! Here you can find Donna (American origins) and Ted (Edward, Scottish), an old couple of Edinburgh lovers that lives In NY but comes here every year, and we’ve been so glad to know them that we still write each other by e-mail.

our friends

So that’s the best place to be and to live to me!!
And it’s only a part of the reasons I love this city! Here you can find a photo gallery of our honey moon in Edinburgh in March 2011.

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  1. Sara Emotionally ha detto:

    Oddio adoro questo post. E’ incantevole e ti fa venire voglia di partire subito.
    Non l’ho mai visitata, ma spero di andarci presto.

    1. Lauryn ha detto:

      grazie Sara!!! fallo appena puoi, è un luogo magico 🙂

  2. Emanuela Isola ha detto:

    “Ormai” passo i pomeriggi a spulciare il tuo blog, e più guardo queste foto ed ancora di più non vedo l’ora di essere lì… di poter fare una passeggiata nei Princess Street Gardens, spero che arrivi presto il giorno fatidico.

    1. Lauryn ha detto:

      arriva arriva 🙂 e in aprile è meravigliosa

  3. Lella ha detto:

    Sono stata ad Edimburgo per la prima volta 10 anni fa e da allora ogni anno ritorno , esiste il mal d’Africa ma anche il mal di Scozia…Io la adoro….il mio sogno piu’ grande e’ quello di trasferirmi in Scozia un paese civilissimo, bellissimo e pieno di armonia. Tu sei molto fortunata!

    1. Lauryn ha detto:

      ciao Lella, concordo 🙂
      ehi, no, TU sei fortunata che ci sei tornata ogni anno!!! io manco da 4 anni ed altro che mal di Scozia!! aiuto!!